What makes us different?

Warszawska Fabryka Platerów HEFRA S.A. is the only Polish producer of cutlery and tableware accessories made exclusively of silver, silver-plated or made of stainless steel.

HEFRA wants to safeguard a long-term tradition of its predecessors. From many years we provide our clients with exclusive, high-quality pieces of tableware. As the only producer in Poland, we create cutlery and tableware accessories made of silver of the best 925 purity. At the same time, we make silver-plated products of 999 silver purity as well as of high-quality 18/10 chrome-nickel steel.Their modern shapes combine
innovative technology with tradition and experience.

Tableware produced by our company is distinguished from other domestic and global producers by classic, unique and timeless design. As a result of manual and precise production processes we get durability, which is inaccessible for many producers. An elaborate production process provides unchangeable appearance for many years. Exceptional durability of our products will not be possible without a very careful production of each element of a product – it involves basic principles of traditional manufacture supported with modern technology. All of the above aim at acquiring the maximal possible durability and quality. At HEFRA, the basic production processes remain the same from centuries. During all those long years of production we improved every detail of our manufacturing flow in order to offer you exceptional goods, which have been crafted with perfection, precision and modern technology. It was possible through application of the most precise manner of production – handicraft. As a result, every piece of cutlery undergoes several dozen stages of production before it shows its real beauty. Our craftsmen see to it that every product, which leaves our manufacture, can be regarded as a little masterpiece


Product properties reflecting well on Hefra’s offer:

Rich offer

  • We offer a wide range of products – tableware accessories and cutlery, which is available in 13 collections – starting from models that resemble those crafted in 19th century, to modern and designer pieces.
  • As we select Hefra’s products, we are also able to combine them in sets by matching selected designs of cutlery with corresponding tableware accessories e.g. sugar bowls, trays, candlesticks and many more.
  • There is a possibility to personalize cutlery and other products with a high-quality engraving
  • We provide restoration services for cutlery and tableware accessories.



Technology and high quality

  • Production of cutlery and accessories is based on traditional and precise handicraft only.
  • All our products irrespective of material or plating are characterized by exceptional durability and brilliance.
  • The use of high-quality steel prevents against rust and ensures high gloss.
  • During production of knives we use the so-called embedding methods, which consist in joining blades with their handles by hammering at high temperatures. This ensures a long-term durability and precise balance.


Warranty and certificates

  • All products are made of high-quality 18/10 chromel stainless steel – they are covered with life warranty.
  • The life warranty applies also to products made of 925 purity silver
  • Products plated with 999 purity silver are covered with 7-year warranty.
  • Quality and durability are guaranteed by the production process, which takes place only in Poland.
  • HEFRA’s products hold Quality Certificates and Attestations of the National Institute of Hygiene.


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