What is the difference between high-polish and oxide finish?

Oxidized cutleryis silver or silver-plated cutlery which is additionally covered with a subtle layer of metal oxides. Oxide finish makes it a little bit more matt and dark on ridges so it looks as if it had been with the family for generations. To achieve that look, silver or silver-plated cutlery is submerged in a special liquid which brings about the “accelerated aging” process. The top layer of the coating is then removed, leaving darker spots on edges and in ridges.

High-polish finish, on the other hand, can be given to cutlery made not only of silver or plated with this precious metal but also one made of high-grade stainless steel. Its beautifully-carved ornaments and delicate surfaces need to be smoothed with brushes made from sea grass which is sourced from the remote coasts of Mexico and then very precisely put on the grinding tool by hand and in a very exact proportion.

Grinding is performed by specially-trained and highly-manually-skilled grinders so that the intricate ornamentation is not destroyed in the process of creating a perfectly smooth surface. However, this is not the end of the process. To ensure that the optimum effect of high polish is achieved, at this stage only the best items are chosen and, if necessary, further refined using advanced plating technologies. This guarantees the safety and top quality of our products. Next, the long process of polishing the cutlery with impregnated abrasive material and other special materials enhancing a long-term high-polish effect follows. As the process continues, silver is slowly starting to reveal its true cold beauty.

Stainless steel cutlery also first undergoes the process of grinding described above, followed by optional silver-plating and then obligatory polishing. This ensures that both plated and un-plated products are equally shiny.

And that is what the difference between oxide finish and high-polish finish is all about…

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