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Before you start to use our cutlery and accessories, please wash them in warm water with an addition of a “non-caustic” cleaning agent, then rinse it and finally wipe it off with a soft cloth. Tableware prepared in such a way is now ready to decorate a table.


Cutlery and accessories made of stainless steel

Cutlery made of stainless steel is absolutely dishwasher safe. However, if we clean them intensively and for a long time, machine washing will cause them to lose their sheen or even damage their ornamentation in some cases. Thus, when we want to wash cutlery in a dishwasher, we should use cleaning agents recommended by the machine’s producer and use it in appropriate amounts. We suggest washing tableware with liquid agents, since low-quality powders may lead to various types of scratches and consequently to loss of sheen. When washing is done, we should leave the dish-washer open to make cutlery and accessories inside dry faster. Washed pieces of cutlery should not be exposed to a direct contact with each other or touch other steel items. It is good to insert cutlery pieces into a special basket, which will allow faster drying.

Oxidized cutlery and accessories

Our offer includes oxidized cutlery and accessories, which can be made of silver or plated with this precious metal. In comparison with other products, the oxidized products are remarkable of their surface, which is covered with a subtle layer of metal oxides. The layer makes tableware a little bit more matt and dark, and it looks as if it was with the family from centuries.
When too dark and large spots or minor scratches are visible, we can get rid of them easily with a soft cloth and an appropriate cleaning agent.

In no case the spots visible on oxidized cutlery should be removed by immersing the cutlery in water with kitchen salt or soda. The oxidized layer may be partially removed if immersed in such a solution. What is more, cutlery and accessories should not be cleaned with agents, which may deteriorate their shine or silver plating. Cutlery should not be exposed to contact with the following: cleaning agents containing sand, sponges with metal fibre, rough cleaning clothes or cleaning agents that contain caustic substances.


Silver and silver-plated cutlery and accessories

Silvered cutlery and accessories should be washed in hands and separately – right after finishing the meal. It is advised to store them in plastic bags or in special boxes provided at purchase. Silver and silver-plated surfaces may get scratched during regular use. Therefore, we recommend cleaning them with soft clothes impregnated with special liquids for cleaning silver. Thanks to appropriate maintenance, silver products preserve their original look.
It is worth to remember that silver tends to become covered with sulphide when it is overexposed to sulphur and its compounds, which are present e.g. in boiled eggs or mayonnaise. Of course, it is not dangerous to our health. Nevertheless, similarly to other smudges, dark spots and deposits can be removed with a soft cloth and a special agent for cleaning silver.

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