For kids

Hefra cares about the youngest clients. Even about those, who don’t even know how to use cutlery…

 We designed the Kids Cutlery Set especially for them – it contains essential pieces for independent eating. Handles of this charming set feature engravings that illustrate various animals – depending on the piece of cutlery.

Even younger clients may be interested in a Baby Feeding Spoon – it has a special shape that helps parents to feed their baby, and facilitates eating first chunks of food.

bezpieczne sztucce


For those who want to commemorate and celebrate the exceptional moment of birth we created the Stork – a birthday spoon. Its name comes from an engraving placed on the handle.
In Anglo-Saxon countries the tradition of giving such pieces of cutlery is very common. According to the tradition, the spoon brings happiness and well-being.

Upon our customers’ request we can engrave name, date of birth as well as weight and height of the baby.


Silver-plated cutlery or cutlery made of silver in whole display antiseptic properties. A meal served with our cutlery does not change its taste and keeps its nutritional value.

 Products for the youngest clients are completely safe to use. They have no sharp edges, and each element is subject to a thorough final inspection.

 Products intended for kids, similarly to all our products, feature:

– All required atestations and quality certificates of the National Institte of Hygiene.